Ozark Howler Legend The Ozark Howler, also known as the Ozark Black Howler, is a legendary creature that is purported to live in remote areas in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.   The Ozark Howler is typically described as being bear sized, with thick body, stocky legs, black shaggy hair,  and as having prominent horns. Its cry is often described as being a combination of a wolf's howl and an elk's bugle. Cryptozoologists have speculated that the creature might be a misidentified or unrecognized big cat. Anthropologists have speculated that the creature might be a branching off of the dark dogs of death found in British folklore.   Chad Arment asserts in his book Cryptozoology that the Ozark Howler myth is a hoax. According to Arment, he and many other cryptozoologists received email messages that made wild claims about Ozark Howler evidence. These messages were tracked down to a university student who had made a bet that he could fool the cryptozoological research community.  However, stories of the Ozark Howler are said to predate this back to Native American Times. Current Sighting Areas Near Branson, Missouri Jasper, Arkansas Near Fort Smith, Arkansas Paranormal Studies of Arkansas is currently following this Cryptid, and investigating all claims of sightings All reports we have seen online indicate that this Legend is just that, a Legend.  Original reports do seem faked, as ALL names and reporters as well as Education Facilities involved are completely bogus.  Dispite that fact, credible witnesses are seeing something in the back woods of the Ozark Mountains.  We wish to find the misidentified creature, and show what everyone is indeed seeing. Cryptozoology in Arkansas Haunted Arkansas Made with Xara PSA “Fere Libenter Homines Id Quod Volunt Credunt” Men willingly believe what they wish.  Because Paranormal Is... Just A State Of Mind. Helping The Public Since 2005 Haunted Arkansas FAQ Privacy Policy About Us Press PSA